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Here's what some of our members say about our events:

Attending Bruce Pfau’s seminar on Human Capital led to a process at my previous company to re-examine our HR strategy, particularly our focus on technology, process and performance management. We presented the findings to the executive team and prioritized our people strategy, very much based on the research. Reading the book would have been helpful, but having the opportunity to hear directly from one of the lead researchers and pick his brain, test the real-word application of the research was invaluable.

I think that the quality of the speakers that you have invited to speak with the member companies has been outstanding. I particularly liked Gary Hamel and Dave Ulrich, and although we didn't end up utilizing the survey methodology....I thought the ideas that we were able to explore helped us focus our attention on the best intervention for our company. Lastly, as a VP of is "lonely" at the top. I have found that working with others, exploring ideas with others with similar responsibility has been invaluable. I very much appreciate the organization....and it is quite a good value for the money!

After our last session, I brought back the idea of HR as an internal business and am using it to create more of a framework around cost v. return for the company. It helps focus our HR folks on the need to run an operation around its ability to deliver a result that exceeds an expense, and not to simply see themselves as a cost center. I find it a powerful concept to reframe conversations and work.

I first saw Gary Hamel speak on innovation at a CSHRP event over two years ago and it was from that initial exposure that my own interest in innovation has grown, as well as our use of Gary Hamel and the Woodside Institute in our GM and AIM programs.

Exposure to David Ulrich and Ram Charan – lots of exposure to top-flight, pioneering thinkers. Also, I believe CSHRP shared Helen Saks’ article about the new trends in HR.


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