Organizational Profiles

In accordance with CSHRP's mutual educational and collaborative networking purposes, the organizational profiles serve to provide in-depth information on topics of strategic significance regarding activities of the member companies. This enables CSHRP companies to increase their human resource function's effectiveness and thus deliver improved service to their employees and customers.

- Hewlett-Packard: Applying World-Class IT to People Management
- National Semiconductor: HR Redesign
- DFS Group, Ltd.: Repositioning itself for the Future
- PG&E: Competencies as a Driving Force in HR
- 3Com's Flexible Work Options
- Raychem Corp.: Managing a Cost Effective Global HR Organization
- Sun Microsystems: Career Services @ Sun -- Developing Career Self-reliance
- Quantum Corporation: Creating an Extraordinary Environment
- Colgate-Palmolive: Developing Global Managers to Fuel Global Success
- Information Age Human Resources Management
- Catholic Healtcare West: Organizational Renewal Through Leadership Development
- Transamerica Corporation: A Nearly Flawless Internet Strategy
- Intel: Employee Relations Self-Assessment (ERSA)
- Aspect Telecommunications: A Six-Month Pioneering Transformation
- HP's Strategic Split
- National Semiconductor's Global Jobs Classification Program
- Nortel Networks: A Pioneer in Outsourcing
- Aspect Telecommunications: A Second Look at a Pioneering Transformation
- Agilent Technologies: Forging an Independent Identity
- The Impact of @hp: HP's b2e Portal Places HR in the Spotlight
- Cultural Integration at Chevron Texaco: A Merger Model
- Network Appliance: Speaking with One Voice Worldwide Effective Internal Communication As A Competitive Advantage
- Xilinx: One of the Best of the "100 Best Companies to Work for in America
- Sun’s HR Labs: Driving Decisions with Data
- Cadence’s Talent Development Program: A Benchmark for Creating a High-Performance Culture
- Quantum Corporation: Product Teams as a Competitive Advantage
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