The California Strategic Human Resource Partnership

A Partnership between Senior Human Resource
Executives of Leading California Companies

The California Strategic Human Resource Partnership (CSHRP) is designed to be a highly leveraged learning opportunity for member companies. It aims to minimize the time commitment of HR executives while maximizing information exchanges and mutual learning among member companies. With committed research and administrative support, CSHRP helps participating members add value to their customers and improve the quality of their services.

CSHRP sponsors a broad variety of events and information sharing for the mutual benefit of its members. Executive Forums, workshops, and meetings, research projects and Organizational Profiles are produced to achieve the CSHRP mission by:

  1. Serving as a human resource action learning / collaborative networking vehicle for member companies.
  2. Provide educational opportunities and information on strategic human resource issues to enhance members' performance. This enables them to provide improved human resource programs and service to the employees and customers of their organizations.

Contact Information

4855 Atherton Ave., Ste 208,
San Jose CA 95130

Telephone (408) 370 0388